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Echo Red to Red Virtual Race

Echo Red to Red Mountain Bike Race

Free Virtual Race Saturday March 21 thru Saturday April 25th

With the develping situation with the novel Covid 19 Virus the officail mass start Oregon XC series and OBRA mountain bike race is postponed untill March 20, 2021.  Scott's Cycle and Sports along with the City of Echo and local business are still allowing riders to come individually and in small groups and race the official Red to Red race course by individually recording your times on Strava or other personal timing devices. This page will post times for all categories and distances for riders completing the race course. Riders just need to e-mail with thier times and or Strava file. 

Prizes for top times and finishers

Echo Red to Red is sponsored and supported by many excellent bicycle industry sponsors.  Giant Bicycles, Oreange Seal, Zoic, Endura, Hammer Nutrition has all donated raffle prizes for this years event.  At the of the Echo Red to Red Free Virtual Race we will send top finishers custom 3D Printed Trophies along with randomly raffling prizes to participants.

Course will be marked for the duration of Event

The Echo Red to Red race course will be marked with arrows and course marking tape for the duration of the event.  Short course riders will follow yellow arrows, middle course riders will follow red arrows and long course riders will follow black arrows.  The official race course is also on Trail Forks we highly recomend you use the Trail Forks App while riding the course it will help navigate correct course directions. Just like the Mass start Oregon XC Series race the course starts and finishes in historic downtown Echo Oregon.

Trailforks logo, link to site 

All Oregon XC Series Categories are used for Echo Red To Red Virtual Race

Every category of rider will be calculated for the Echo Red to Red Virtual Race along with top overall times for each distance for men and women. It will be important that when sending your Strava file or times from personal timing device that you include your Category.  Riders also need to include address so we can send raffle prizes and or trophies at the end of the event.  E-mail with your results

Short, Middle and Long Course Category Breakdown

Short Course Categories:  Cat 3(Novice)Men 60+, Cat 3(Novice)Men 50-59, Cat 3(Novice)Men 40-49, Cat 3(Novice) Men 19-39, Cat 3(Novice)Junior Men 14-18, Cat 3(Novice)Junior Men 10-13, Cat 3(Novice)Women 60+ Cat 3(Novice) Women 50-59, Cat 3(Novice)Women 40-49, Cat 3(Novice)Women 19-39, Cat 3(Novice)Junior Women 14-18, Cat 3(Novice)Junior Women 10-13

Short Course Map on Trail Forks

Middle Course Categories: Cat 2(Sport)Men 60+, Cat 2(Sport)Men 50-59, Cat 2(Sport)Men 40-49, Cat 2(Sport)Men 19-39, Cat 2(Sport)Junior Men 14-18, Cat 2(Sport)Junior Men 10-13, Cat 2(Sport)Women 60+, Cat 2(Sport)Women 50-59, Cat 2(Sport)Women 40-49, Cat 2(Sport)Women 19-39, Cat 2(Sport)Junior Women 14-18, Cat 2(Sport)Junior Women 10-13, Clydesdale Men 200+

Middle Course Map on Trail Forks

Long Course Categories: Cat 1(Expert)Men 45+, Cat 1(Expert)Men 19-44, Cat 1(Expert)Women, Elite Men, Elite Women, Singlespeed Men, Singlespeed Women

Long Course Map on Trail Forks

Official Results Page

All results will be posted as received and reviewed from participant e-mails at the following LInk:

Echo Red to Red Virtual Race Results

Scott's Cycle and Sports, The City of Echo, Sno Road Winery, Echo Kiwanis, Echo Masonic Lodge, local businesses and community would thank you for visiting our home.  Have fun riding our trails, respect private property and ride at your own risk.  It is important to stay safe and stop the spread of germs and viruses. The novel Covid 19 virus should not be taken lightly respect your safety and the safety of others.  Please ride Echo Red to Red Virtual Race individually or in small groups.  While in the town of Echo wash your hands and avoid excesive contact and if possible maintain a 3 foot distance between yourself and others.