Scott's to Scott's Ride 2018

The Annual Scott's to Scott's to ride is April 28th, 2018.  This is a free and supported ride put on by our shop Scott's Cycle and Sports.  For 2018 we will again have feed zones along the way and lunch at McNary Dam park in Oregon for middle and long course riders.  This year we will have three courses to choose from.  Short course will be approximately 30 miles, Middle course will be approximately 60 miles and long course will be approximately 80 miles.  Riders will have two choices for start locations.  Riders from Oregon can start from McNary Dam at 8am.  Riders from Washington can start from Scott's Cycle and Sports in Kennewick at 8am  Short course riders will start at Scott's Cycle and Sports in Kennewick and can also leave by 8am.  We ask that all riders sign in and out so that we can better provide lunch and feed zone support along with giving us a more accurate rider count.

What: Free and Supported ride put on by Scott's Cycle and Sports

Where: McNary Dam Park for Oregon riders, Scott's Cycle and Sports for Washington riders

When: April 28th 8am

Long course Strava file:  Long Course 2018

Middle course Strava file:  Middle Course 2018 Attention!! The official 2018 route will ride in reverse of mapped strava so clodfelter is a climb and locast grove to Olympia street is a decent. Here is a Map My Ride Version just in case...Remember ride counter clock wise.   Map My Ride Middle Course

Short course Stava file: Short Course 2018

The annual Scott's to Scott's ride is a customer appreciation ride we provide free.  It's supported with feed zones stocked with cookies and includes free lunch for riders doing the Middle and Long course at McNary Dam park in Oregon.  We put on this ride because we are just like you we like to ride bicycles and love to get and ride with friends.  Scott's to Scott's is a tuff ride but is scheduled so that it can be used for training for our areas best-organized rides like the Inland Empire Century which follows S2S in two weeks along with The CF Ride which lands later in the summer.